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Our training is practical, participative, fun and enables those taking part in Loud Arts training the opportunity to put their learning into practice....more coming soon



Our aim is to bring about social change and improve the quality of life. Working with partners, families and whole communities to empower them....more coming soon


We also provide youth led workshops for providers looking for an alternative experience for young people accessing their services. Our young leaders are confident, successful young people who are familiar with the everyday struggles of life  and have found positive ways to overcome personal challenges to achieve their goals....more coming soon


Loud Arts provide accessible, affordable classes, workshops and training for the local community with the aim of creating a legacy in our area.We work with young people of all ages, through to adults. We provide training & development opportuities outside of the national curiculum. We aim to ensure doorstep delivery is available to everyone regardless of age or ability.


We have won the National Community Development Award three times. We created & developed Music in the Community & Dance in the Community qualifications,which are nationally recognised qualifications available on the Open College Network.


You don't have to have any experience to take part in a Loud Arts session or workshop, it is about having fun and enjoying yourself,making friends and learning whilst developing as an individual.The DCSF(Department for Children,Schools & Families) has found that those youngsters who participated in regular Study Support sessions achieved one more A*-C GCSE grade than students of equal ability who did not participate in any sessions.



Music in the Community

Many disaffected people are turned off from traditional ways of learning. A safer society that cares more for its citizens would be good for us all.Our Music in the Community project does exactly this.

Music isn't about being elitist…it can be about performing  in non-traditional places & just taking part. It can be anything that we, the community want it to be. We are proud to work with Youth Music on Sing Loud..Play Loud

We currently run classes in the community which are local inTyneside & Northumberland working in partnership with our local communities. 

The Importance of Working in Partnership

Volunteering, Leadership & Training

We firmly believe that those students who participate in this project will have their aspirations raised and their ability to learn new skills will be enhanced & will enjoy and enriched & creative learning programme.

The best partnerships are those where each partner is valued equally.For working in partnership to be successful it has to be on the basis that each person or organisation are as valued and valuable as each other.

An important part of what we do is working closely with organisations like Disneyland Paris to give everyone the opportunity to showcase their development at the highest level.

Social Media Today

Community Music or Dance Qualifications

As with many things in life, social media will only give you as much as you put in. Social media can be your best friend or worst nightmare..use it wisely and with respect.

Empowering young people through music, movement and Makaton. Focusing on positivity, improving self esteem and teaching inclusive communication.


Working in partnership with the Open College Network we have created two exciting accredited qualifications, Teaching Community Dance & Teaching Community Music which is now available nationally.

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